You will receive weekly surveys during the flu season only (usually April - September). Every Sunday, you will receive a link via text or email, whichever you have chosen as your preference. Please click the link to answer the survey questions.

You will be asked the question, "Have you experienced any influenza-like illness (ILI) symptoms (such as fever, cough or running nose etc.) within the last week."

Steps to completing your WellKiwis weekly survey:

1. Weekly survey sent Sunday and reminder Wednesday
Please complete the survey at least once per week (preferably Sunday) as it is important for us to receive your Yes/No response to estimate the weekly influenza-like illness rate. A reminder is sent on Wednesday only to those who have not completed the first survey sent on Sunday.
2. Complete survey at any time
You can update your survey multiple times within a week using the most recent survey link. For example, if you feel fine on Sunday and complete your survey to report no symptoms, but on Tuesday you wake with a cough and headache, you can use the most recent survey link to complete the survey again on Tuesday (or as soon as possible after you feel unwell).  
3. Complete the survey as soon as symptoms appear
Answering the survey questions as quickly and accurately as possible greatly helps us identify any potential virus' and helps with the logistics of the WellKiwis team.
4. WellKiwis Clinical team will look over your completed survey
If you answered yes to influenza-like illness symptoms, our Clinical team will assess your survey responses and determine if you need a swab.
5. Repeat weekly survey process
This process is completed weekly until the end of the flu season (end of September).

Filling in the weekly survey as a WellKiwis Household representative

If you're the household representative, the process is slightly different as you will be sent the survey link for yourself and the survey link(s) for those you represent in the household. You will be asked the following question:

“Have you or a member of your household experienced any influenza-like illness (ILI) symptoms (such as fever, cough or running nose etc.) within the last week?"

By answering no on your survey, you are responding on behalf of yourself and the household members you represent, and you only need to fill in one survey link per week. If you answer yes to your survey, you also need to complete the survey for those who also have symptoms.

For example, if you are the household representative for three children but only one has symptoms, then only complete your personal survey and the survey for the child who has symptoms.