infant study page
infant study page

The purpose of the WellKiwis Infant study is to follow children for up to seven years from birth, watching closely how their first exposure to the flu or the flu vaccine influences their ongoing immunity. This will provide information to enable our scientists and researchers to make more effective and longer lasting flu vaccines for our future populations.

The aim of this research study is to help us answer the following questions to fill in the global knowledge gaps:

  • What is the immune response against flu infection?
  • How does the immune response act in children to make them less prone to severe cases of the flu?
  • To determine the impact of the first exposure to flu and/or flu vaccination on the immune response.

WellKiwis Infant- Yearly Study Activities [PDF, 606 KB]

WellKiwis Infant- Participant Information Sheet [PDF, 4.1 MB]

WellKiwis Infant- FAQs [PDF, 912 KB]


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